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They performed turn-key mechanical work on the North Marion High School HVAC project. This was a $4.2 million HVAC replacement for an existing 70,000 square foot building, a new chiller plant and building to serve the campus. Through careful planning of resources, control of material deliveries, and good communication they met our schedule while coming in under budget and providing a high quality installation for the Marion County School Board.

- Joe Nealon, Sr. Project Manager, Allstate Construction


A Focus on Predictive Maintenance

What will predictive maintenance do for you?  It will keep your air conditioning and heating systems in excellent working condition.

Your HVAC system needs to run like a well oiled machine in order to deliver the highest efficiency possible.  We’ve developed a comprehensive predictive maintenance program that is guaranteed to extend the life of your system and save energy, which saves you money.  Our program always includes 1) Bi-Annual Visits  2) Annual High Impact Coil Cleaning and  3) Condenser Coil Cleaning.  During the visit, the service technician will also inspect the following:

On top of that, you also receive FREE FILTERS for the life of the agreement, based on the filter change out schedule.

Schedule your predictive maintenance TODAY!  Not convinced a Predictive Maintenance Agreement can help you?  Visit Energy Star to read their recommendations.

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